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Hold On to Your Fuses, Waytek Is First to Have the NEW PDM-AMI Fuse Panels from Eaton

Posted by K.E. Gregoric on Apr 13, 2016 1:51:47 PM

Waytek is proud to be the first distributor to offer the newest innovation in circuit protection, the full line of PDM-AMI Series Sealed Bolt-in Fuse Holders by Cooper Bussmann Eaton - try saying that 3 times fast! 

Cooper Bussmann PDM-AMI Sealed IP67


This heavy duty fuse panel is used for main branch primary fusing and accepts multiple (2,3 or 4) industry standard AMI fuses. Using a common input bus bar, the PDM-AMI requires just one input connection to power all fuses.

The PDM-AMI provides efficient power distribution suitable for many battery box and “under the hood” applications, including marine, construction, agriculture, heavy trucking, bus and specialty vehicle markets.

Originally designed for industry giants like John Deere & Caterpillar, the PDM-AMI series packs serious power and durability in a compact footprint. In the past, housing multiple fuses in a harsh environment location would require a large, clunky fuse box, but this new streamlined design allows for ease and flexibility of application. 

What makes this product revolutionary is the IP6K9K rating, some of the highest protection from dust, water splash and pressure spray available, which allows for harsh environments in which fuses could not normally operate. "These products are perfect for more demanding applications, due to the ingress protection.", states Mike Meleck of Eaton Corp., "Not only does the panel protect fuses, but it also completely covers the input and output wire terminals, which makes it the first product on the market to do this, as far as I know."  

A decidedly rugged architecture offers such robust features such as heavy duty housing, silicone gaskets, tin plated copper bus bars, M8 cable input/output studs and stainless steel compression limiters in the mounting feet. Thoughtfully designed, this fuse panel even includes a location to hold spare fuses. 

Another notable quality of this new product line is the high power capacity. Designed for high current power distribution, the PDM-AMI family supports AMI fuses up to 200A per channel and distributes 200A continuous for the two position, 225A for the three position and 425A for the four position - all rated at 135% overcurrent at 105°C. It's important to note that these current ratings are continuous (i.e. "real world") NOT just "peak", the ideal conditions under which some companies rate products.


Check out the entire collection:

Cooper Bussmann PDM-AMI Sealed IP67
Item #46324
Item #46323
Item #46322


Contact us today to see if these new sealed bolt-in fuse holders are suitable for use in your application. Visit waytekwire.com to view our entire selection of Fuse Holders.  

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