Battery Cable Load Charts

Use this automotive wiring guide to help determine the correct wire and cable gauge for any system. Selecting the correct gauge for automotive or other low voltage applications is essential to maximize safety and performance. Voltage drop or a loss of power can occur if an insufficient gauge is used.

Always consider the total amperage and length of wire in each circuit when selecting an adequate gauge. Allow for the return circuit, including the grounded return, when estimating the length.

NOTE: The battery cable charts shown below assume a wire insulation rating of 105°C. A lower rating will decrease the current-carrying capacity of the wire.

How to Use the Charts

Select a wire gauge row at left and an amperage column from the top. The intersection will show the maximum length of wire that can be used. For example, in a 12-volt system (chart 1), a 6-gauge wire would be able to carry 100 amps a maximum of 30 feet.

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