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Need to "Watch Your Back"? Waytek Now Has Pro-Grade Back-up Cameras by Rostra

Posted by K.E. Gregoric on Jun 7, 2016 1:14:39 PM

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 15,000 injuries and 200 deaths occur each year as a result of back-up crashes, as of 2014. This is also the year they announced that rear visibility technology, i.e. backup cameras, will be required in all vehicles built in and after May 2018.

However this ruling likely won't have much affect on the Commercial Truck and Vehicle Industry by that time, as many manufacturers are already utilizing this technology. This is for good reason as the reasonable costs of back-up cameras provide immeasurable benefits, such as saving lives and avoiding accidents and property damage. In addition to the priceless safety benefits offered, the reduction of blindspot/back-up accidents can ultimately help lower insurance premiums. Also, this technology enables the ability to record footage, which could be invaluable when settling disputes regarding various incidents and insurance claims.

Waytek is proud to announce the addition of the Sentry Pro-Grade HD line of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Cameras for commercial and fleet safety equipment, by Rostra Precision Controls, a Tier 1 supplier of OEM and aftermarket components. An ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified company, Rostra has earned a reputation in the industry for innovative product development, precise manufacturing and impeccable quality.

Using CMOS sensors for high-image quality, the Sentry Pro-Grade HD line of back-up cameras is made with durable components, such as thread-together connectors for a weatherproof seal, designed for heavy-duty commercial use. Unlike an s-video cord that can corrode, the o-ring connectors used in this line form a sealed connection.

Waytek carries five cameras from this line, which offer:

  • CMOS color cameras
  • IP68 Ratings* 
  • 160 degree* peripheral vision
  • 4-pin weather-proof threaded plugs
  • Waterproof cases with anti-fog lens
  • Pigtail harnesses (of varying lengths from 38" to 226")
*Except for the 250-8098 which is IP69 with 170 degree peripheral vision.

The differences between the models come down to design and features offered, such as night vision, selectable parking grid lines, etc.

One of the most rugged of the bunch is the 250-8098-HD, with its stainless mounting bracket and IP69, meaning it's dust-tight and essentially waterproof. This model is also the perfect choice for vehicles operating after dark, as it features an infrared LED array for night vision.



The Sentry Pro-Grade HD line of back-up cameras also features a number of smaller models in various form factors, designed for different installation locations such as drilled into steel bumpers, attached to license plates, etc. The compact size of many of these models save space and weight, such as the 250-8147HD or 250-8083HD. And IP68 ratings ensuring protection from dust, rain, splash and accidental submersion, they are durable enough to go the distance for most all commercial vehicle applications.

Rostra 250-8083HD





This product line also offers an equally sophisticated monitor. Available in dashboard and windshield mount configurations, the Rostra RearSight Systems LCD Monitors feature:

  • High resolution displays with glare-reducing matte finishes. 
  • Reverse override manual camera control and mirror/normal image switching.
  • Multiple camera inputs.
  • Built-in speakers for in-cab audio.


No professional grade line of backup cameras would be complete without coordinating high-quality accessories and the Sentry Pro-Grade HD line doesn't disappoint. Waytek carries the 4-Pin Camera Video Output and camera/monitor extension harnesses, which are ideal for use on longer vehicles, such as RVs or commercial trucks. 

According to Waytek Purchasing Manager Robert Hillman, what many like about this line is the interchangeable components, providing a simple "plug & play" setup - "if you can plug in a DVD player, you can install these", he asserts. This gives customers the flexibility to later update a single component without having to upgrade the whole system.

Another notable benefit offered by this brand is industry-leading customer support. To make service requests fast and easy, all customers who purchase these products are offered a special identification number that is registered with Rostra, who offers a 3-year warranty.


Considering the durability, advanced features, and ease of use offered by the Sentry Pro-Grade HD line, it's not hard to see why it's an excellent choice for your commercial/fleet backup cameras. Contact us to learn more about this line and identify the best model for your needs.


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