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The Newest Commercial USB Chargers - Which One Is Right For You?

Posted by K.E. Gregoric on May 6, 2016 12:33:19 PM

Sometimes you need the most advanced gear out there, other times you just need to get the job done for the lowest price available.

We strive to give our customers a diverse range of components to choose from, however, when you have a multitude of similar components, identifying the right one for your needs can be tricky.

While the old saying "you get what you pay for" is often true, however you don't want to use a machete for the job that could be handled by a pocket knife. So when considering different models, it is important to consider what features are necessary and how much power you will actually require. With this in mind, let's compare some of the different commercial USB chargers we offer.

We're happy to announce we've just added a new Private Label A13-208 Dual USB Power Charger to our lineup. 


To help you better understand the difference between the classes of commercial USB charging components we offer, let's compare the new value priced A13-208 Dual USB Power Charger to the higher-tier Carling Dual USB Port Charger, 2.0.

A13-208 Dual USB Power Charger

Item#: 11019


Looking at the specs, the two products have a number of similarities. The main difference is amperage - the Carling has 3.15 amps for faster charging, compared the 2.4 amps for the A13-208. Not a huge jump, but important for police fleets and other commercial vehicles for which USB charging is essential.

Both products offer a broad range of operating temperatures, however the range of the Carling is a bit wider, about 20 degrees in either direction.

Carling also features an indicator light to signal when charging is in process, as well as an established brand name, with much research and testing behind it.

However, despite these differences, it seems the 2 models are more similar than they are different. Both are sealed, boasting an IP rating of IP64, and are designed for front panel insertion - even the A13-208 is compatible with the Carling Technologies VMS-01 Mounting Bracket.

With these points in mind, it seems that the Carling model would be ideal for charging essential devices, especially with on-highway applications, whereas the A13-208 is a great choice for off-highway consumer products, for which USB charging is more luxury than necessity.

Note that we also offer a couple other commercial USB charging options to consider:




Both of these models have a charging amperage in the range of the A13-208, though provide different aesthetic and auxiliary options. The 11013 features a LED charging indicator light which, although may be preferred by many customers, can be an issue for military applications and other vehicles operating at night. It also has a different shape which may be preferred by certain outfitters. The 11014 offers a 20A power receptacle which allows users to power additional devices, such as police interceptors.


While the addition of more choices can be confusing, there is no need to worry because our trained team is Wired to Serve™ - contact us and we'll help you find the perfect product for your needs. 


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