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Developments in Vehicle CAN Bus Wiring

Posted by R. Iversrud on Jan 26, 2023 9:43:27 AM

CAN (Controller Area Network) technology has grown in importance as heavy-duty vehicles adopt an increasing array of electronic features that require signal routing and control. Let’s take a look at some of the more recent developments related to CAN bus.

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Top 8 DC Component Innovations of the Year

Posted by R. Iversrud on Dec 19, 2022 5:57:03 PM

The specialty vehicle market requires continuous improvement in automotive DC electrical components—and Waytek and our suppliers have stepped up to the plate. Here’s a look at eight innovations that have made it easier for upfitters to complete their builds, and for maintenance crews to keep their fleets up and running.

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Seven Electrical Supply Tips to Keep Police and Emergency Vehicle Fleets in Service

Posted by R. Iversrud on Sep 26, 2022 10:14:19 AM

If you’ve tried purchasing a new vehicle recently, you may have had to wait to get the one you wanted. Pandemic and supply chain factors have continued to put a strain on availability.

Organizations that use multiple vehicles are also feeling the strain. Some Waytek customers who manage fleets of police and emergency vehicles reported being able to receive less than half of the new vehicles they wanted this year, and even fewer in 2021.

Lack of new vehicles means increased usage and wear on the vehicles that remain in your fleet, and increased risk of down time for repairs. Now more than ever, it’s important to be aware of the common points of failure in vehicle electrical systems and to make sure you have the parts on hand to address them.

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